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  • ZONE 1 - RUBBER TECHNOLOGY: Rubber Materials, Chemicals & Additives, Rubber Machinery & Testing Equipment, Rubber Molds, Rubber Recycling & Reclaim, Nano-Composites, TPE & TPV
  • ZONE 2 - TIRE : All Kind of Tires, Tire Components, Tire Bladders, Tire Accessories, Tire Retreading, Tire Building Machines, Tire Testing Equipment, Tire Repair, Wheel-Related, Tire Monitoring & Maintenance
  • ZONE 3 - LATEX: Synthetic Latex Materials, Latex Chemicals & Additives, Latex Products Manufacturing Machinery, Testing Equipment, Latex Dipped Products-Medical & Non-Medical, Latex Foam Products, Baby Products, Sporting Goods, Balloons, Latex Paints
  • ZONE 4 - RUBBER PRODUCTS: Molded Rubber Parts, Auto Parts, Rubber Mats & Flooring, Extruded Rubber Products, Rubber Bands, Conveyor Belts & Transmission Belts, Hoses, Rubber Dam, Rubber Fender, Rubber Lining & Footwear
  • ZONE 5 - NATURAL RUBBER: Concentrate Latex, Block Rubber, Ribbed Smoked Sheet, Air Dry Sheet, Modified Natural Rubber, Natural Rubber Processing Machinery, Rubber Plantation Equipment, Fertilizers and Chemicals for Plantation, Seedlings

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